Why Security Camera’s are needed

12 Reasons You Should Install a Camera Security System In Your Business (And It’s Not Just Shoplifting)

More and more businesses are installing video security systems and for reasons beyond just catching shoplifters.

Deter workplace harassment and violence

Harassment and violence between employees is less likely in If everyone knows that their actions are being recorded. Having video of incidents when they occur makes resolving disputes easier.

Save Time

If you own a business with multiple locations, being able to check in remotely can save you trips to each location and allow you to get more done. Check in to make sure new marketing displays are posted, employees are being productive, or new inventory is delivered on time.

Reduce theft and vandalism

The sight of video cameras discourages criminals from theft and vandalism before it happens. Most criminals will move on to an easier, less protected target.

Reduced insurance

A security surveillance video can prevent false or fraudulent liability claims against you or your customers. Businesses that serve the public are particularly vulnerable. Many insurance companies will offer reduced liability insurance rates to businesses that have security cameras installed. Contact your insurance agent to see if you would qualify.

Secure sensitive areas and areas of operations

Many businesses have areas with restricted access. These areas can contain safes, high value inventory, data servers, or sensitive information. A security camera system will help secure these areas and monitor who accesses them.

Reassure customers

When customers see security cameras in use, they know they are in a business that values safety and security.

Monitor employees

60% of inventory shrinkage in retail is caused by employee theft. Make sure your employees are honest, productive, and accurate from your office, or anywhere,

Improve employee productivity

Monitoring and analyzing surveillance video can identify inefficacies in processes or the physical layout of your business.

Resolve disputes and gather evidence for injuries and accidents

A fraudulent slip and fall claim can be a huge problem for a business that serves the public. Having high quality video of the event may limit your liability.

Monitor customer habits to improve customer experience

Surveillance video can be a powerful tool to improve your business. See how people move through your business to better place high interest items and gauge interest in sales displays.

Regulation compliance

Many sensitive industries are required by local codes and insurance companies to have video surveillance with very specific and strict guidelines.